Selling Real Estate

This page will outline items that you will need to provide us and tasks to think about when you have sold or are selling your property

1)     We need you to provide us with a copy of the agreement of purchase and sale.

2)     Marital status for each owner

3)     Name and contact number and loan number for your bank or mortgage holder

4)     Property Tax statement. We need a copy of this bill together. Please confirm with our office how much you have paid for property taxes so we can do a proper adjustment. If your bank Lender pays the taxes let us know. 

5)     Your insurance company – you will need to cancel your insurance for the date of closing and arrange final utility meter readings. Make sure to advise your insurance company of any closing date changes.

6)     You are responsible for cancelling your utilities. These companies prefer that you contact them directly before the date of closing.  In addition to these utility companies, cable and phone need to be contacted.  

7)     If you have sold a property, you should vacate the property as early as possible on the date scheduled for closing.

8)    Bring property keys to our office and/or bring one key to our office and leave all other keys and items such as garage door openers, survey, key fobs, etc.