Simplified Steps for Buying your Home

This page will outline the steps you will take when you purchase your next home

1. Find out what you can afford - mortgage broker or bank

2. Get pre-approved - mortgage broker or bank

3. Find real estate agent

4. Find the home you want 

5. Get a current market assessment (market analysis re price of home) 

6. Place an offer on a home 

7. If you have questions regarding the offer, ask our lawyer before signing

8. If you are purchasing a condominium and there is a condition on reviewing the Status Certificate - have your lawyer review the Status Certificate before waiving the condition

9. Arrange for a home inspection - real estate agent can refer you to home inspector

10. Provide copies of agreement of purchase to the lawyer with basic information ie. full name of person(s) buying property, date of birth, name and phone numbers for your real estate agent and bank/broker

11. Sign all documents to formalize mortgage and provide all information required to finalize your mortgage

12. Notify utility companies you are buying property and arrange for the utilities to be put in your name on the date of closing ie. hydro, water, gas, Bell, Rogers

13. Arrange for home insurance or content insurance (condominium). The policy must state guaranteed replacement coverage for the full insurable value. Note: If you are obtaining a mortgage, the policy must have the Lender listed as a beneficiary under the policy with their correct address.

14. Attend at lawyer’s office to bring closing funds by certified funds, proof of home insurance, personal identification (at least two, preferably driver’s licence and valid passport or major credit card). Health card is not acceptable.

I hope this has helped you, if I missed anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

There are normally some additional expenses (property tax adjustment, brokerage fees, pst on CHMC insurance fees) – make sure you ask your broker/bank about these charges. 

Thank you for choosing to utilize our services. We appreciate your referrals to your friends and family.