Azadeh Zarrinkoub, Paralegal - working in association with Gangani Law

Founder of ZAZ Paralegal Services, Azadeh is Licensed Paralegal by the Law Society of Upper Canada providing defence strategies in the province of Ontario to the public. Her areas of practice include Landlord and Tenant matters, Small Claims Court matters, Ontario Provincial Offences, Human Rights Tribunal and other legal Tribunal and Boards.

The passion for law and justice led Azadeh in to obtaining her Paralegal Licence. Azadeh attended Centennial College’s Paralegal Post Graduate Program, and successfully completed the Law Society of Canada’s licensing examination. Throughout the years Azadeh has developed the knowledge and understanding of the functions and rules of the Courts and the Tribunals, relevant legislation and legal terminology. Azadeh also has extensive knowledge of relevant provincial and federal acts, nature of court proceedings and the ability to speak publicly in a courtroom setting.

Azadeh works in association with Gangani Law but is not an employee or a partner of Gangani Law Professional Corporation.

Contact Azadeh Zarrinkoub:

Phone: 647-478-6006