Employment and Labour Law



If you work in Ontario, and you feel your rights as an employee have been violated, consider hiring a employment lawyer. Robert Tanha who is a senior employment law lawyer focussed on getting his clients the best settlements and results while protecting their rights and interests.

Let us help you in any of the following employment issues:

  • Wrongful Termination/Dismissals
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Non Solicitation Agreements
  • Non Compete Agreements
  • Severance Packages
  • Employment Termination
  • Employment Contracts
  • Human Rights and Discrimination
  • Workplace Bullying and Harrassment
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment

We can also address any disputes regarding overtime and benefits. Our law firm will explain your options and provide you with helpful legal advice. We can speak on your behalf with your employer in the effort to receive a settlement. If that's not possible, then we might advise you on litigation.

Call us today at 416-299-0050 to set up an appointment to discuss your matter with Robert Tanha. If you require legal advice, contact us and we will email you a questionaire to establish a fee your consultation.

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